Superb Science Resource

We’ve been exploring ypte, the Young Person’s Trust For the Environment, a charity website set up for the purpose of promoting young people’s understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability. It really is a treasure trove of fascinating and useful information. It’s an excellent website for use in either science lessons or as a non-fiction literacy resource.

The charity’s aim is to highlight environmental problems such as climate change, disappearing wildlife, pollution of soil, air and water, the destruction of rainforests and wetlands, the spread of desert regions and the misuse of the oceans.


The site has hundreds of superb resources both for primary aged children and for teenagers. Topics range from global issues such as the rainforests to those closer to home such as minibeasts in the garden. The excellent factsheets include both animal facts and environmental facts. There are downloadable lesson plans, videos and presentations for teachers and up-to-date articles on environmental news.


FuseSchool Free Learning Platform

FuseSchool is a superb free online learning platform managed and run by the Fuse Foundation. Available free of charge, FuseSchool is aimed at the secondary age group. It amalgamates information gathered from various sources, and delivers it through high quality bite-sized videos and quizzes.


Current subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, along with English, ICT, and Functional Maths at a basic level where the focus is on helping students in everyday life situations.


FuseSchool is an open community so it’s possible for students to ask questions if they need further help. Resources are being added all the time so it’s well worth exploring what’s on offer. We think the video lessons in particular could be useful for students to consolidate skills and knowledge learned in school and as a revision tool.


Tesco Eat Happy Project for Schools and Groups

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is an amazing resource for teachers planning a healthy eating topic. It offers free experiences for 4 to 11 year-olds at a store or supplier, with lots of resources to help teach your class all about food.


Since the project started Tesco have expanded the range topics of their Farm to Fork trails. You can choose one of four trails: Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Food for Fuel and Explore the Store. These trails are supported by over 1000 free resources including excellent lesson plans, videos, games and puzzles.


Tesco may even help with your transport costs for the visit and in
addition there is also the option of linking your class up with one of Tesco’s suppliers via a Skype call; an exciting prospect especially if the supplier is in a different country.



Fantastic Free ‘Green’ Teaching Resources

Sustainable Learning is a fantastic primary resource site with ideas about the natural world, to help teachers inspire children about sustainability through cross-curricular learning.


The teaching resources, which have been written by teachers, are searchable by age group or curriculum subject. There are downloadable lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and high quality videos such as a virtual field trip exploring the importance of urban wildlife.

If you are in England you can find local experts on themes such as eco-schools, energy, food, nature, transport and waste. There are also
assembly ideas and a useful national events calendar. The site is well worth exploring to see the high-quality resources on offer.