Teaching Packs – birthday giveaway

There are some great celebrations going on over at the learning resource site, Teaching Packs – it’s having a 5th birthday party!

Teaching Packs is run by the team at Teaching Ideas, offering a place where members can download complete resource packs for teaching topics. Displays, reference material and activities… each pack will help with full cross-curriculum preparation!

Teaching Packs birthday giveaway
And to celebrate its 5th birthday, Teaching Packs is running a fabulous giveaway with 10 prizes up for grabs, of annual memberships to the Teaching Packs Plus plan.

That’s 10 prizes, each worth £22.50!
Even if you’re already a Teaching Packs subscriber, and you’re a lucky winner, then your account will be extended by a year. But hurry… the giveaway closes on 15 May 2018. (T&Cs apply.)

Here comes the sun – time to Wrap, Splat, Hat!

As summer’s marching ever closer, it’s vital not to miss out on sun protection. Now’s the time to make sure your 3-11 year-olds are ready, with Wrap, Splat, Hat!

Brought to you by Garnier Ambre Solaire in association with the British Skin Foundation, the free Wrap, Splat, Hat sun awareness programme is back for 2018, ready to help you teach children about the importance of staying safe in the sun.
Not least as 14-20th May sees Sun Awareness Week approaching, run by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) to raise awareness of skin cancer and sun exposure.

Wrap, Splat, Hat! sun awareness programme

Click here to find out more information about Wrap, Splat, Hat and to register for sun-safe packs, at the National Schools Partnership site.

The first 2,300 primary schools and 200 nurseries in the UK to register will receive printed take-home leaflets. The first 2,300 schools will also receive a pack of Sun Safe UV Patches, which pupils can use to investigate the effects of UV rays.

Wrap, Splat, Hat sun protection awareness programme

By registering to the programme you’ll gain access to the new and updated teaching resources and be the first to know about the Wrap, Splat, Hat competition launching soon – with the chance to win £1000 worth of outdoor equipment for your school. (T&Cs apply).

It’s the perfect time to help young people enjoy the sun safely… to Wrap up in a t-shirt, Splat on some sun cream and pop on a Hat!

Brand new maths game – Measuring in centimetres

Another new free game for you to enjoy! We hope you love our latest, tablet-friendly maths game called Measuring in Centimetres. It’s designed for children aged 5 to 9, as an introduction to working with a ruler.

There are two levels to play – level 1 focuses only on whole number measuring, while level 2 includes a mix of whole- and half-centimetre examples.

Measuring in Centimetres, Topmarks maths game

Multiple choice answers are provided for each question, and the fully-randomised selection of stationery objects to measure makes the game highly re-playable!

The game is ideal for young learners to practise the method of aligning the ‘0’ at the beginning of the measuring scale, and not the end of the ruler itself.

PLUS, we’ve included a draggable slider at the other end of the scale which children can use to position at the end of the featured objects, to assist with reading off the correct measurement.

Measuring in Centimetres, Topmarks maths game

Like all our own Topmarks games, the screens are viewable in full-screen mode by clicking on the full-screen icon. It’s especially handy when playing on a tablet or when using the game on an interactive whiteboard. Clicking on the ‘full-screen icon’ again returns the screen to normal.

We hope you’ll make the most of this Measuring in Centimetres game with your children – start today!

Shape Monsters – new learning game

Fantastic for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learners, Topmarks is excited to announce a new learning game. Helping young children recognise basic shapes, the Shape Monsters are here!

This brand-new interactive game, called Shape Monsters, is ideal for ages 2-5 to become familiar with and practised in sorting the four basic 2D shapes of circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

Topmarks game, Early years, Shape Monsters

Each of the fun monsters can only ‘eat’ the shape that matches its own body shape, and audible reinforcements back up the child’s correct choices.

The Shape Monsters game lends itself well for use on an interactive whiteboard, and is also tablet-friendly, like all Topmarks’ own games, for every age group.

The characters have been designed to appear in random positions for each game, and the chosen shapes appear randomly too, avoiding repetition. This makes it fully re-playable!

Click now to play Shape Monsters, and don’t forget to let us know how you find it – why not share your experiences on our social media channels? Find us on Facebook and Twitter, @topmarksed