Place Value Charts Update

We have added a United States variant to our popular Place Value Charts resource due to differing conventions in how numbers are presented in word form between the UK and the US. See an example.

The default option is UK and you just click the American flag for the US option. The resource can be used as an interactive whiteboard teaching tool or by users on individual desktops or tablets.


* For example, 420 in British English is “Four hundred and twenty”, but in American English this would be “Four hundred twenty”.

Cheap theatre tickets for teachers

The Royal Shakespeare Company has a brilliant ticket offer for teachers over the summer holidays. You can buy up to 4 tickets at £10 each for any Monday to Friday performance. The plays being performed from 24 July to 1 September when the offer applies, are Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra and Titus Andronicus.

Schools Broadcasts
Not every school can make the journey to Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon, but the RSC free live broadcasts can bring their shows into your classroom. Register now to login on the broadcasts which begin with a live introduction from their studio and include activities for students to help them engage with the production.

New Coins Game Launched

In response to your requests we’ve launched a brand new Coins Game. It is designed for 4-10 year olds and as with all our own games it’s tablet friendly. The game complements our very popular Toy Shop Money game.


The Sorting mode helps young children recognise UK coins and their relative values. The Counting mode has varying levels of difficulty and can be used as a tool for children to practise counting money. The site works well in full-screen mode which is useful if you are using the site on an interactive whiteboard. Just click on the full-screen icon in the top right hand corner to view the game in full-screen mode. You can return the screen to normal by clicking the icon again.


Play the Coins Game

A Free Tablet Friendly Number Charts Resource

We’re delighted to release our latest free mobile friendly number charts resource. It’s called Paint the Squares and it works really well both as a teacher demonstration tool in full screen mode on an interactive whiteboard or as a desktop or tablet resource for children to explore number patterns. It has been designed for use with 5 – 9 year olds.


The resource is an enhancement on the idea of an interactive 100 number square as there are eight different charts to choose from, making the resource more versatile for use with different age groups. You can choose to start your chart at either 0 or 1. The early charts 1 to 30 or 0 – 29 are excellent for young children who are learning their teens or twenties numbers. We have also included charts from 1 to 120 or 0 to 119 for those children learning how to bridge 100.

You can ‘paint’ the number squares with different colours to show your number patterns such as odds and evens, multiples patterns, counting on or back and in-between numbers for example.

The print option gives desktop users the opportunity to print out their painted number pattern charts.

A pattern made  on the 1 - 50 number chart

A pattern made on the 1 – 50 number chart