New resource- STEM electricity circuits

Did you know we’re constantly checking and updating the Topmarks’ database of learning resources? Fully searchable, you can find a wealth of material across every curriculum area. Like this new STEM idea…

One of the latest additions we’re loving is this Circuit Construction Kit. It’s part of the PhET Interactive Simulations project by the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is tablet friendly, but we think it’s easier to use with a mouse.

PhET project, electricity circuit builder

PhET simulations are designed to engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where they learn through exploration and discovery.
This circuit builder is aimed for experimentation by KS2 and KS3, though teachers of younger KS2 ages may prefer to make the most of it as a reinforcement tool, like a plenary activity after practical work.

Be Prepared! Numeracy conversions

Here to help! We know the pressures of lesson planning, so we’re starting a feature here on the Topmarks blog to help make your planning easier. Look out for our regular updates, “Be Prepared!”

We’ll be covering ideas for all age groups, and today, we thought we’d mention one if you’ve years 3 or 4 who are currently busy with, or have upcoming, numeracy lessons on metric conversions. Our Coconut Ordering maths game… it is a great way to practice ordering and sequencing skills, including understanding of distance, mass and volume measurements.

Topmarks: Coconut Ordering Game

Our Coconut Ordering game is ideal for children aged 5-11, since there are various levels available to progress skills.
It’s both tablet- and whiteboard-friendly, like all of our original games.
Topmarks Tip: this one’s perfect to give as a homework task, too!

Topmarks: Coconut Ordering game
All in all, it’s another useful way we aim to help you as teachers – and therefore, children – ‘Be Prepared!’ for effective classroom learning. 
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Shakespeare Week: 12-18 March 2018

Have you heard of Shakespeare Week? Mark the date in your diary for 12-18 March 2018, for this national celebration of all things Shakespeare, for primary-age children.

First launched in 2014, Shakespeare Week is organised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, with the charity aiming to give children a great first encounter with Shakespeare’s characters, stories and language. Studying Shakespeare is found on

Shakespeare Week

There is a huge bank of free cross-curricular resources for which teachers, parents and groups can register for access. Developed with the help of education experts, you’ll find ideas for single activities or for long-term projects. 

Shakespeare Week

Throughout the week, KS1 and KS2 children will be able to enjoy their own Shakespeare performances and creative activities such as acting out Shakespeare, crafting puppets and more. There are even ideas for understanding science, history and numeracy through Shakespeare’s world.

Shakespeare Week

Look out for the searchable nationwide programme of events and workshops, too.

Shakespeare Week

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust says, “We were recently awarded £80,000 by Arts Council England to develop our Museums & Schools programme, which aims to give primary school children from areas that have lower than average cultural engagement an opportunity to learn more about Shakespeare and encourage a lifelong passion for the arts and heritage.”

Click now to be inspired, boost a knowledge an understanding of The Bard, and open up the world of Shakespeare to your children!

Premier League football – classroom ideas

Making learning fun can be a challenge, but it goes a long way when keeping children’s engagement and motivation levels high, and therefore maximising their skills development.

It’s why we like the look of this fab new resource, called Maths Attax from Premier League Primary Stars!

Premier League Primary Stars It would be no surprise to us that lots of your kids know (and love!) Topps’ Match Attax card game… this variation, Maths Attax, is a fun collaboration set in the inspiring world of Premier League football.

It’s designed using player statistics to help with learning about equations and algebraic symbols, and ideal for introducing maths concepts to KS1 and refreshing with KS2 groups.

Maths Attax learning game PLPrimaryStars

The Maths Attax pack is especially tailored for classroom use, such as removal of gambling sponsors on shirts – we love this attention to detail!

Click here to sign in and download the Maths Attax pack, and to find more resources including helpful lesson plans, a video and worksheets.

Maths Attax learning game PLPrimaryStars

PLUS, visit the Premier League Primary Stars site for the full range of free maths, English, PSHE and PE resources.