Mother’s Day Card

Are you looking for inspiration for a Mother’s Day card for your class? We’ve put together a simple, but effective idea as a suggestion. There are full instructions and a downloadable template. The design is useful also for teaching the concept of symmetry.


New game – Let’s Compare

Have you seen the brand new learning game by Topmarks for early years’ children? Let’s Compare is out now!

Let’s Compare is specially created to help children with comparative vocabulary. It’s FREE and ideal for 3- to 5-year-olds, learning to compare the relative sizes of objects and animals.

Let's Compare - Topmarks learning game

With two fun themes, At the Beach and Animals, young learners will focus on comparisons linked to the measure strand of numeracy, in which length, height and width are estimated: biggest, smallest, longest, shortest, tallest.

Let's Compare - Topmarks learning game

Like all Topmarks’ games, it is fully whiteboard- and tablet-friendly. The simple animations featured will engage children, to enjoy the interactive learning experience!

Let's Compare - Topmarks learning game

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Be Prepared! Numeracy conversions

Here to help! We know the pressures of lesson planning, so we’re starting a feature here on the Topmarks blog to help make your planning easier. Look out for our regular updates, “Be Prepared!”

We’ll be covering ideas for all age groups, and today, we thought we’d mention one if you’ve years 3 or 4 who are currently busy with, or have upcoming, numeracy lessons on metric conversions. Our Coconut Ordering maths game… it is a great way to practice ordering and sequencing skills, including understanding of distance, mass and volume measurements.

Topmarks: Coconut Ordering Game

Our Coconut Ordering game is ideal for children aged 5-11, since there are various levels available to progress skills.
It’s both tablet- and whiteboard-friendly, like all of our original games.
Topmarks Tip: this one’s perfect to give as a homework task, too!

Topmarks: Coconut Ordering game
All in all, it’s another useful way we aim to help you as teachers – and therefore, children – ‘Be Prepared!’ for effective classroom learning. 
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Craft activity for Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018

Make a start on Chinese New Year classroom crafts. It’s the Year of the Dog in 2018, beginning on 16 February, and children will love crafting this art picture to celebrate!

We have added a sweet dog picture to our topic resources for Chinese New Year, as an easy-to-make idea. It will accompany the topic learning, helping with development of children’s fine motor skills.
Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018
Download a single-sheet printable template and use it alongside the full step-by-step guide, with illustrations for every stage, to complete the dog picture.

Be sure to check out our full range of whiteboard-friendly Chinese New Year resources, to use across the curriculum. These include discovering New Year customs, free-to-use photos, info about the zodiac animals and a personal animal calculator.
We’ve other craft activities such as how to make a lucky money envelope, plus a maths learning game suitable for 5-11 year olds.Chinese Dragon maths game