Daily 10 Mental Maths Challenge Launched

Due to popular demand we have created a new free mental maths teaching resource called Daily 10. It spans all primary age groups, with levels corresponding to the curriculum requirements in England of year groups from 1 to 6. The resource is tablet friendly and lends itself to use on an interactive whiteboard. It’s ideal for starter or plenary sessions.




Topics covered are: addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions.

Questions are randomly generated and delivered in sets of ten. The questions can be stepped through manually or shown at a configurable timed interval. Although primarily a mental maths resource teachers may prefer to allow children to use written methods for some of the harder calculations.

Answers are displayed at the end of each set of questions, either all together or singly. Click on the ‘Q’ near each answer box to refer back to the question.


For the best experience press the full-screen icon in the top right corner of the game.

New More or Less Game

Last week we launched another new game, Chopper Squad which is designed to help children learning the concept of one more or less and ten more or less. It is a simpler version of our recently launched Helicopter Rescue which is proving very popular. Chopper Squad uses varying sized number grids up to a hundred square. It is also useful for those children who are beginning to extend their knowledge of the first numbers as the smallest grid focuses on the numbers 1 to 30.



Two New Maths Games Launched

This week we’ve added two new tablet friendly maths games:
Coconut Odd or Even and Coconut Multiples. They are similar games but they cover different mathematical concepts.

In Coconut Odd or Even children need to identify either odd or even numbers by hitting the relevant coconuts.


Coconut Multiples requires children to identify multiples in either individual times tables or mixed tables. Users can select whether to work with tables up to 10 or 12.


Brand New Mental Maths Game – Helicopter Rescue

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new maths game, Helicopter Rescue, which is based on number charts and is designed to help children get to grips with two-digit numbers. It’s suitable for 5 to 8 year olds and it can help children find their way around number charts. It also reinforces the vocabulary of addition and subtraction such as more than, less than, count on and count back.


As with all our games it’s tablet friendly and it is suitable for use on an interactive whiteboard. Just click on the full-screen icon in the top right corner to view in full-screen mode and click it again to return to normal view.


Try it now