Be Prepared! Place Value for Year1 numeracy lessons

Handy classroom ideas – here’s a new update to our regular ‘Be Prepared!’ series to inspire you while lesson planning. We’re here to help when time is scarce, so this idea’s about upcoming numeracy lessons for Year 1 on place value….

We know that lots of Year 1 teachers will be working on place value lessons over the coming weeks, so here are a couple of ideas to assist.
First, be sure to check out our recently launched Place Value Basketball maths game.

Place Value Basketball counting game

The first three levels of this game are ideal for Year 1 students, so use these as a great way to help when differentiating for pupils of varying abilities.

Place Value Basketball learning game
Our next tip for Year 1 maths lessons on this subject is our
Place Value Charts game.
The ‘Teaching Mode’ is ideal for learning, as although the ‘tens’ do go up to 90, teachers can tailor the usage, focussing on the required lower levels at first.
Tasks can later be set in the ‘Practise’ mode, with numbers up to 99 in the ‘tens and units’ section, as children’s skills develop and more advanced learners can be stretched.Place Value Charts maths game by Topmarks
Place Value Charts maths game by Topmarks
Like all Topmarks’ games, both the Place Value Basketball and Place Value Charts games are FREE. Both are tablet- and whiteboard-friendly, too, so just click to play.
Let us know how your little learners get on – do tag us in your social media updates… #PlaceValueBasketball and #PlaceValueCharts and on Twitter, using @topmarksed

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New resource- STEM electricity circuits

Did you know we’re constantly checking and updating the Topmarks’ database of learning resources? Fully searchable, you can find a wealth of material across every curriculum area. Like this new STEM idea…

One of the latest additions we’re loving is this Circuit Construction Kit. It’s part of the PhET Interactive Simulations project by the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is tablet friendly, but we think it’s easier to use with a mouse.

PhET project, electricity circuit builder

PhET simulations are designed to engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where they learn through exploration and discovery.
This circuit builder is aimed for experimentation by KS2 and KS3, though teachers of younger KS2 ages may prefer to make the most of it as a reinforcement tool, like a plenary activity after practical work.

A Brilliant Behaviour Management Idea

Recently we learned of a brilliant class behaviour management idea which works really well in primary classrooms. It’s known as Mystery Walker and is aimed at improving pupils’ behaviour when moving round school.

It involves having a box with the names of all the children in the class on individual cards or discs situated near the exit to the classroom. The teacher dramatically selects and reads the name on card on the way out. He or she pockets the card.

The idea is that the children understand that the teacher will be watching the selected pupil particularly closely to see how they behave en route. Each child believes that it could be them that’s being watched. Later if the child has behaved beautifully their name is revealed, they are praised and given a class reward otherwise no name is revealed.


Free Mini-book Templates for Lapbooks

Following our recent popular post suggesting lapbooks for topic work we’ve created additional mini-book templates which you are welcome to download below for free. We’ve included the finished folded measurements of each mini-book. We also advise on each whether we think it’s best printed on card or paper. You can make seven different mini-books from the templates.


We have also added extra pins to our Lapbook Ideas Pinterest page ideas to inspire you. Don’t forget there were free mini-book templates on our original lapbook post too. Happy lapbooking!

Circle-spinner with split-pin mini-book

Single square flap mini-book

Five, three or two square flap mini-book

Flower flap hexagon-shaped mini-book

Layered tabs mini-book