Top 10 tips for exam revision

With exam season looming ever closer, Topmarks is here to help! It can be an anxious time, but follow these stress-free tips for revising, and you might find yourself at the top of the class.

We’re sharing some fantastic advice on revision success for upcoming exams and tests.

TopMarks exam revision tips and advice

  1. Study in a quiet place away from the TV, computers and phones etc, that is both light and comfortable.
  2.  Make a ‘revision timetable’ and always let your family know when you are revising, to avoid interruptions.
  3. Create summary notes and anything simple that helps your memory – short notes, drawings and sayings are much easier to remember.
  4.  Get help. Ask friends and family to test you. Also attend any teacher revision classes, as teachers will know better than anyone what will be in tests and exams!
  5.  Record yourself reading notes and occasionally listen to them instead of reading.
  6. Take a 5 or 10 minute break every hour and do some stretching exercises, go for a short walk or make yourself a drink.
  7. Allow yourself some fun-time each day to relax… and make sure you get at least 8 hours of restful sleep each night.
  8.  Eat well. Good brain foods? Choose wholegrain foods (cereals, wheat bran, wheatgerm and whole wheat pasta). Blueberries. Blackcurrants. Broccoli. Tomatoes. Oily fish. Nuts.
  9.  Don’t panic if you feel a bit nervy. A certain amount of nervousness actually helps you perform to the best of your ability, producing a rush of adrenaline that helps you to feel alert and focused.
  10.  Think positive – it’s seriously not the end of the world if you fail!

Now, it’s time to get your brainy heads into those text books. Good luck!

Topmarks exam revision tips and advice
These tips were contributed by pupils of The Kingsley School.

Primary Maths Challenge 2018

Calling all maths coordinators, and teachers looking to boost maths confidence and motivation in their classrooms… Try the Primary Maths Challenge in 2018!

Run by the Mathematical Association for maths education in the UK, this campaign is a great way to inspire primary-age children and we think is a perfect idea as a preparation for working on tests.

Primary Maths Challenge

It’s a nationwide challenge, open to children in:
Years 5 and 6 in England and Wales,
P6 and P7 in Scotland,
Years 6 and 7 in Northern Ireland.

The 2018 challenge will be held on the week commencing 12 November 2018.

There’s a strong focus on problem solving and Topmarks think this challenge would be super for use in school maths clubs, if you have one.

Primary Maths Challenge
The test is designed with a couple of pre-challenge warm-up questions, then allowing a full 45 minutes to complete the graduated-difficulty questions. These comprise 20 multiple choice questions and a further 5 written questions. The structure is well-thought through to allow less-able learners to still take part whilst also stretching more able children. Past-paper examples (with answers) are available on the site to download and practice.

Primary Maths Challenge - past test paper

Primary Maths Challenge - Past-test paper

Primary Maths Challenge - past-test paper

There’s an entry fee for the actual test paper, payable when registering for the challenge (early bird discount price: £11 per pack of 10 question papers, excl p&p). Schools will mark their own papers, thanks to the handy answer sheets and marking guide provided with the pack.

And all children will receive certificates – Gold, Silver, Bronze and ‘I took part’ – so everyone can be proud of their achievements. High scorers will even be invited to take part in a global Bonus Challenge part of the contest.

Click now if you’re keen to promote an interest in maths!

Brand new maths game – Measuring in centimetres

Another new free game for you to enjoy! We hope you love our latest, tablet-friendly maths game called Measuring in Centimetres. It’s designed for children aged 5 to 9, as an introduction to working with a ruler.

There are two levels to play – level 1 focuses only on whole number measuring, while level 2 includes a mix of whole- and half-centimetre examples.

Measuring in Centimetres, Topmarks maths game

Multiple choice answers are provided for each question, and the fully-randomised selection of stationery objects to measure makes the game highly re-playable!

The game is ideal for young learners to practise the method of aligning the ‘0’ at the beginning of the measuring scale, and not the end of the ruler itself.

PLUS, we’ve included a draggable slider at the other end of the scale which children can use to position at the end of the featured objects, to assist with reading off the correct measurement.

Measuring in Centimetres, Topmarks maths game

Like all our own Topmarks games, the screens are viewable in full-screen mode by clicking on the full-screen icon. It’s especially handy when playing on a tablet or when using the game on an interactive whiteboard. Clicking on the ‘full-screen icon’ again returns the screen to normal.

We hope you’ll make the most of this Measuring in Centimetres game with your children – start today!

Shape Monsters – new learning game

Fantastic for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learners, Topmarks is excited to announce a new learning game. Helping young children recognise basic shapes, the Shape Monsters are here!

This brand-new interactive game, called Shape Monsters, is ideal for ages 2-5 to become familiar with and practised in sorting the four basic 2D shapes of circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

Topmarks game, Early years, Shape Monsters

Each of the fun monsters can only ‘eat’ the shape that matches its own body shape, and audible reinforcements back up the child’s correct choices.

The Shape Monsters game lends itself well for use on an interactive whiteboard, and is also tablet-friendly, like all Topmarks’ own games, for every age group.

The characters have been designed to appear in random positions for each game, and the chosen shapes appear randomly too, avoiding repetition. This makes it fully re-playable!

Click now to play Shape Monsters, and don’t forget to let us know how you find it – why not share your experiences on our social media channels? Find us on Facebook and Twitter, @topmarksed