New updates for learning – Chopper Squad

Topmarks is excited to reveal a new update to our popular primary-age ‘more or less’ maths game, Chopper Squad. Now, it has new levels for counting on grids up to 20.

We’re really happy to launch this new version of Chopper Squad, with the additional modes allowing game play for lower levels, 1-20.
Chopper Squad is a great game, on the theme of helicopters, and is an easier version of our mental maths game Helicopter Rescue. Being more simple, it is ideal for young learners who are getting to grips with the concepts of one more and one less than a given number.

Chopper Squad mental maths counting game for children, by TopmarksBeing able to find one more or one less is an important requirement for children in the Year 1 age group, according to the National Curriculum programme of study.
The largest of the number grids is up to 100, however our new levels are perfect for younger or less able players who are still working with numbers up to 20.

Chopper Squad mental maths counting game for children, by Topmarks

There are different game modes within the varying number categories, so that pupils can enjoy practising either one more and less, or progress to ten more and less. 

Chopper Squad mental maths counting game for children, by TopmarksChopper Squad is designed with audible questions that are fully randomised, to allow maximum scope for repeat playing. The game is created to work well on interactive whiteboard, in addition to other devices – like all our maths games, it’s tablet friendly.

In all cases, the full-screen icon in the top right corner of the game screens provide the best playing experience.

Click now to play Chopper Squad today!

World Space Week – 4-10 October 2018

Did you know that today is the start of World Space Week? Coinciding with the launch of the first space satellite, Sputnik 1, on 4 October 1957, World Space Week celebrates space science and its contribution to humanity.

World Space Week was first set up in 1999, by the UN General Assembly, and this year’s theme is ‘Space Unites The World’. Like previous years, there are thousands of events planned all over the world – wherever you are in space, it’s so easy to get involved!

World Space Week, 4-10 October 2018Find out more about events happening near you by clicking here, and look for some great ideas for organising your own WSW fun, as well!
You can make the most of a large number of handy teacher guides too.

And for starters, don’t forget that Topmarks has a fun interactive learning game, ideal for your young learners – it’s called Blast Off!
It’s for 5 to 8 year olds and it’s designed to help children identify and work with two digit numbers.Blast Off mental maths learning game for 5-8 year olds

It’s tablet-friendly, as well as being great for interactive whiteboard use in the classroom. There are four game modes, each with multiple choice oral questions and fully randomised to allow repeat playing.
The first pair of games are Find a Number, for finding the ‘Direct’ (finding a specific number) and ‘In Between’ (finding a number between two given numbers).

Blast Off mental maths learning game for 5-8 year olds, by Topmarks

Other game modes are for Count on & Back… These make Topmarks’ Blast Off game useful for pupils learning some of the vocabulary of addition and subtraction.
Examples include ‘Count back four from twenty-seven’, ‘Count on five from sixty-one’, What is seven more than thirty-one?’ and ‘What is eight less than eighty-seven?’.

Blast Off mental maths learning game for 5-8 year olds, by Topmarks

Varying difficulty levels mean Blast Off is suitable for differentiation within age groups and, like all our own games, it is playable in full-screen mode by clicking on the full-screen icon on any screen.

Have a go today – and all this week – to especially remember World Space Week 2018, and remember to share how you get on on our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy Happy Eggventures with The Happy Egg Co

Look out for this fun new resource – the Happy Eggventures – designed for Key Stage 2 pupils, from the National Schools Partnership and the happy egg company.

Centred around a comic book adventure, it’s created to support delivery of science, D&T, literacy and art & design curriculum objectives. The initiative will engage children in learning about nutrition and healthy food choices, plus allows development of literacy skills and creativity with a comic strip competition!

Happy Eggventures, teaching resource

The resource includes a classroom presentation (Powerpoint) and activity sheets – 7-11-year-old learners will love the characters. The first 150 schools to sign-up will receive free printed resource packs, too.

Happy Eggventures, teaching resource, National Schools Partnership
Happy Eggventures, teaching resource, National Schools Partnership

EDITED 16 Nov 18: Competition closed
Using the ready-to-print competition entry form, there’s the chance to come up with a slogan, poster advert and jingle. Children will get to show off their learnings with storytelling and artistic skills! Two lucky contest winners will see their creations brought to life by a professional comic artist.

Happy Eggventures, teaching resource, National Schools Partnership

Competition open to primary age school children in mainland UK – England, Scotland, Wales. Competition closes Friday 16 November 2018. Find full T&Cs here.

Happy Eggventures, teaching resource, National Schools Partnership

Learn more about the happy egg company – one of the UK’s largest free-range egg brands – here.
Don’t miss out: download the Happy Eggventures learning resource for FREE now!

Young Imagineers! Develop your problem-solving skills

Encourage the young inventors of tomorrow in your classroom. With this resource and competition from National Schools Partnership, called Young Imagineers, pupils’ imaginations will really be firing!

Look out for the curriculum-linked resource called Young Imagineers. It’s designed as a great platform for revealing some of history’s world-changing inventions, and helping children think outside of the box with their own creativity.

Young Imagineers resource and competition

The American psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm said, “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” This idea of being free to explore new ways of thinking and be inspired to try different things when creating is just what Young Imagineers is about!

Young Imagineers resource and competition, National Schools Partnership

Download the FREE resource pack which includes a lesson plan, classroom presentation and ready-to-use activity sheets, all set to get pupil’s problem-solving skills honed. It’s strongly connected to STEM and Design & Technology curriculum programmes. The first 150 people to register will receive a set of printed resources!

EDITED: Competition closed
It is also the perfect preparation for the Young Imagineers competition 2018, with entry forms included in the pack. It’s a great contest open to children aged 7-14. This year, they are challenged to answer the following question:
“What invention would you create to make tomorrow’s world a better place?”

Young Imagineers

With points awarded for imagination and creativity, the lucky winner will have their invention made into a real-life prototype, which will be displayed at the Science Museum, London. Here’s 2017’s winner, 10-year-old Finlay Minter from Surrey, with the model of his invention – a hover wheelchair.

Other prizes also to be won this year include a bespoke-designed experience day at the Science Museum, an annual family pass to Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum, 50 copies of the book This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist for the winner’s school, plus Science Museum goodie bags! Unmissable!

Watch some of the fun from 2017’s Young Imagineers Live final…

Make sure you visit the Young Imagineers site, and as well as the
resource page at the National Schools Partnership so you can download the pack. It’s free, if you’re registered. (If you’re not already a member, then sign up there for login details.)

(Competition ends Sunday 21 October 2018. Open to pupils in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Full T&Cs apply, see here.)