Premier League football – classroom ideas

Making learning fun can be a challenge, but it goes a long way when keeping children’s engagement and motivation levels high, and therefore maximising their skills development.

It’s why we like the look of this fab new resource, called Maths Attax from Premier League Primary Stars!

Premier League Primary Stars It would be no surprise to us that lots of your kids know (and love!) Topps’ Match Attax card game… this variation, Maths Attax, is a fun collaboration set in the inspiring world of Premier League football.

It’s designed using player statistics to help with learning about equations and algebraic symbols, and ideal for introducing maths concepts to KS1 and refreshing with KS2 groups.

Maths Attax learning game PLPrimaryStars

The Maths Attax pack is especially tailored for classroom use, such as removal of gambling sponsors on shirts – we love this attention to detail!

Click here to sign in and download the Maths Attax pack, and to find more resources including helpful lesson plans, a video and worksheets.

Maths Attax learning game PLPrimaryStars

PLUS, visit the Premier League Primary Stars site for the full range of free maths, English, PSHE and PE resources.