iPad Parent Guide on iOS and Android

Many children will have had tablets for Christmas and with the availability of a vast array of educational apps, trying to decide which to buy can be a daunting prospect. Now help is at hand for parents of children from ages 1 to 11 in the form of a clever app called iPad Parent Guide.

This fantastic guide helps parents not only find their way around the settings of the iPad with excellent video tutorials on how to set up their tablets to keep their children safe online but it has in-depth video reviews of apps with activity ideas aimed at promoting learning.


You can see exactly what the recommended apps have to offer before you buy. We did experience slight buffering issue at times on the numeracy section probably due to a slow connection but the excellent featured selections were definitely worth the short wait. The app also includes suggestions of good websites for learning.


iPad Parent Guide has been produced by the same developer of the superb iPad Teacher Guide and Primary Computing Guide

The School Edition of iPad Parent Guide is available both in iOS and Android formats. For just £19.00 a year primary schools, nurseries and educational providers can provide parent access to both apps! With the promise of regular updates, this app is great value for money for schools. It’s also available for purchase on an individual basis on iTunes for only 79p.