‘Ten Pieces’ Creative Schools’ Project

Ten Pieces is a fantastic initiative by led BBC Learning and BBC Performing Groups which focuses on classical music and creativity. It aims to introduce children to classical music, inspiring them to develop their own creative responses to the pieces through music, dance, digital art and performance poetry.

The project began last year for primary schools and this year they’ve opened it up to secondary too. TEN PIECES SECONDARY begins in October 2015 with free screenings of a brand new cinematic film featuring footage of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra performing a new selection of orchestral music, of a wide range of styles and eras relevant to the Key Stage 3 Level music curriculum. You can book now for the free screenings.

Support for TEN PIECES PRIMARY is continuing throughout this academic year and schools that haven’t already got a copy of the Ten Pieces film on DVD can to order a FREE DVD and find out how they can get involved on the Ten Pieces website.