Three Great Additions to our Search Engine

We would like to share these excellent recent additions to our search engine. They are aimed at primary aged children.

Spinners: Chance and Data Assessment
Although this data handling resource is Flash, and consequently won’t be accessible on tablets, we like the 16 progressively difficult tasks on chance and probability. It takes the form of an assessment and feedback is available upon completion as a printable report. They need to build either spinners based on the chance of landing on different colours. Children need to divide the shapes into segments and colour them to meet the criteria. We think this is a useful challenge for 9 – 11 year olds.


Super Stories – Verbs and Adverbs
This a literacy assessment resource where children are asked to select or write effective verbs, adverbs and illustrations with the aim of making a story more scary. Children need to consider the best word for the situation and at times explain their choice. At the end of the task they are given the opportunity to view and print a report of how well they did. We think this is a useful exercise particularly before SATs as it highlights the importance of effective word choices when writing stories. The only drawbacks are children need to be concise in their explanations of word choices as space is limited and the resource is not tablet friendly.


Know IT All for Primary
Know IT All for Primary has been around some time but e-safety issues are always worth highlighting. It’s designed for primary school staff to help them understand important e-safety issues and how to get the most out of the internet. It’s also a useful resource for parents too as it can help them protect their children online. We like the five part cartoon animation called The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART crew which has been designed to help children understand the importance of keeping safe online. It can be shown either in individual chapters or all the way through in 15 minutes. There’s also accompanying downloads for follow up activities.