Supporting Children’s Writing with LendMeYourLiteracy

A recent addition to our search engine is LendMeYourLiteracy, a fantastic site which aims to help teachers improve attainment in children’s writing. The whole idea behind the site is to inspire and motivate young writers by providing them with a global audience. It’s also a great way for parents to share and even comment on their child’s efforts. All comments are strictly vetted before publication.

You can use LendMeYourLiteracy in two ways. The first is to use it for ideas and inspiration as there are so many examples of children’s writing. You don’t need to register to view uploaded work but you will need to if you wish to access the free resources such as photograph of the day or genre tick-lists. It is easy to use selected samples as exemplars of good practice or for discussion on how the piece could be improved if you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom. The site has a useful search facility where you can search by topic, genre or age group from 3 to 15 years.


The second way you can use LendMeYourLiteracy is to launch it within your school so that you can upload children’s work to online portfolios. This is a subscription service where you can upload 5 pieces of work a week.