Tesco Eat Happy Project for Schools and Groups

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is an amazing resource for teachers planning a healthy eating topic. It offers free experiences for 4 to 11 year-olds at a store or supplier, with lots of resources to help teach your class all about food.


Since the project started Tesco have expanded the range topics of their Farm to Fork trails. You can choose one of four trails: Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Food for Fuel and Explore the Store. These trails are supported by over 1000 free resources including excellent lesson plans, videos, games and puzzles.


Tesco may even help with your transport costs for the visit and in
addition there is also the option of linking your class up with one of Tesco’s suppliers via a Skype call; an exciting prospect especially if the supplier is in a different country.



Many of the stores across the UK also run free cooking courses in
partnership with the Children’s Food Trust with the aim of helping children expand their Farm to Fork knowledge even further. The courses try to promote children’s healthy eating and cooking skills. Parents can sign their children up to these as they take place after school and on